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Super Klean Standard Spray Nozzle - Stainless 150S-R Red

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Super Klean Standard Spray Nozzle - Stainless 150S-R Red

Standard nozzle, stainless steel, with red cover. 3/4" Connection

  • A trusted hot water nozzle used by 1,000’s of food plants and factories.
  • Heavy duty, long-lasting and durable!
  • Durable rubber covers.
  • Interchangeable with other similar brands.

For over 30 years, some of the world’s largest food, beverage and pharmaceutical plants and factories have made SuperKlean Standard Series nozzles their #1 choice. These SuperKlean Standard heavy duty hose nozzles are designed to excel in very harsh environments, standing up to the rigors of hours of usage each day, 24/7. 

SuperKlean Standard industrial spray nozzles have rear mounted levers which reduce hand fatigue and offer smooth lever action. The valve seat in all SuperKlean industrial spray nozzles is an integral part of the nozzle body.

Variable spray patterns, adjustable from fan spray to solid stream, is one of the many features offered by SuperKlean industrial spray nozzles. Water conservation is assured upon release of lever by the drip-free automatic shutoff feature. This heavy duty hose nozzle is simple and effective, making it an ideal choice as a commercial hose nozzle or industrial hot water nozzle.

RATING: 150 PSI / 200°F (93°C)
Inlet Pressure Flow Rate
*(PSIG) *(GPM)
25 4.39
50 6.54
75 8.18
100 9.56
125 10.83
150 11.89
200 12.67
250 15.01
300 16.12
350 17.45
400 19.55
450 20.52
500 22.01
* Estimated